Attendance Policy

Upper School Attendance:                  Trisha Hathcock: 731.410.8206,                                                   


School attendance is incredibly valuable for each of our students.  TCA’s School Calendar is posted in the spring for the coming school year for the benefit of advance family planning and scheduling. The calendar has generous scheduled breaks for students throughout the year.  Parents are asked to make plans around these dates and to have their children at school when at all possible. 




Upper School Attendance is taken by class periods.  To check a student’s attendance record, follow these steps:

  • Go to the school website:
  • Sign in to RenWeb using your parent account username & password
  • Under the word Student Information select the drop down arrow and choose your student
  • Click on the word “Attendance”
  • This screen is broken down by quarter or you can choose all for the entire school year.


Student absences from class or school (for all or part of a day) fall into three categories – Excused, Unexcused, and School-Related.


  1.  Excused Absences (AE)

Students who are absent for the following reasons and submit applicable documentation within five days to the Attendance Coordinator will be assigned an excused absence and may make up missed work as defined by each teacher:

  • Medical appointments documented (Physician’s note) with the Attendance Coordinator
  • Documented personal illness (Written/signed note from a parent with details)
  • Family illness or death (Written/signed note from a parent with details)
  • Court appearances (Written/signed note from a parent with details)
  • Pre-approved trips/absences processed through the Attendance Coordinator


  1. Unexcused Absences (AU)

            Unexcused absences are assigned for, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  • Truancy
  • Sleeping in after an athletic event unless approved by the Athletic Director for the entire team
  • Sleeping in after an extra-curricular activity unless approved by Administration
  • Absences due to trips (one or more full days) without prior documented administrative approval arranged through the Attendance Coordinator
  • Non-medical appointments (Hair, nails, fittings, pictures, etc.)
  • Suspensions (OSS, ISS)
  • Early dismissal or late arrival due to off-campus employment


             Consequences for unexcused absences:

  • May result in the student not being able to make up missed assignments (homework, tests, quizzes, projects, etc.) for full credit.  This may result in a zero for missed assignments and/or points deducted from larger assessments.
  • May limit participation in extra-curricular activities (athletics, fine arts, etc.), field trips, and other school events
  • Excessive unexcused absences in a semester may result in an assigned detention, Saturday School, and/or a conference with the area Principal


  1. School Related (SR) Absences:



School-related absences do not count against

absence limits for students or against senior exam exemptions.


Maximum Absences/Academic Credit Risk:

  • For a student to receive full academic credit for a class at Trinity, a student’s absences should not exceed ten (10) days in a semester unless an exception for extraordinary circumstances is made by the school’s Attendance Committee which will require detailed documentation (i.e. physician, court, psychologist).


  • Any absence beyond ten (10) days in a semester and/or twenty (20) days for the school year will be recorded as unexcused without detailed documentation (i.e. physician, court, psychologist).


Contact the Attendance Office regarding all absences:

  • If unforeseen/unexpected events occur on the morning of a school day or a student wakes up sick and cannot attend school, then the parent should make every effort to call the Attendance Office before 8:30 a.m. (731.410.8206).
  • Students have five days from his/her return after an absence for parent or physician’s note to be turned in to the Attendance Office; otherwise, the absence(s) may be recorded as unexcused. 


Checking in and out of school:

  • A student arriving after 8:00 a.m. is counted as tardy to school.
  • A student who misses more than 15 minutes of a class will be counted as absent for that class period.

Tardies:  Students should plan on leaving early enough that under normal circumstances they would arrive to school ten or fifteen minutes early.  There are times when there are excusable reasons for tardiness.  In such cases, the parent should communicate with the Attendance Office.


  • Tardy records begin with a clean slate at the beginning of each quarter.
  • Each student is permitted two unexcused tardies per class per quarter without a disciplinary penalty.
  • A third tardy in any individual class within a single quarter will result in an assigned detention.
  • A fourth and each subsequent unexcused tardy in any individual class within a single quarter will result in an assigned Saturday School (Required fee:  $40)
  • A parent conference may be required if unexcused tardies continue and with the purpose of evaluating this lack of promptness and to explore options to solve the issue(s).   


Students arriving any time after the 8:00 a.m. bell rings should:


  1. Report to the Attendance Office to receive a slip to enter class. 
  2. Present a detailed note from a parent explaining the late arrival within five days to avoid being assigned an unexcused tardy to class.


Tardies between classes:  Students are allowed five minutes between each class. 


  • Students not in their seats when the bell rings are considered tardy.  
  • Students arriving to class late are to go to the Attendance Office and receive a tardy slip before attending class.
  • Students are not allowed to miss a part of a class to complete an assignment or to study; students may be assigned a detention for such a choice in addition to an unexcused tardy/absence and a potential zero on the assignment.
  • A student who misses more than 15 minutes of a class will be counted as absent for that class period.


Early Dismissals:

  • Requests for early dismissal should be brought or emailed to the Attendance Office prior to the beginning of the school day. In most instances, the student will be given an early dismissal slip. If there is a question or concern about the reason for an early dismissal, he/she will need to see the Principal for approval.  If a student forgets or is unable to do this during the designated time, he/she should come to the office as early in the day as possible. The Attendance Office will approve the request for early dismissal and will provide the student with an early dismissal slip. 
  • If the student will be driving, he/she is free to leave campus at the time designated on the early dismissal slip upon signing out in the office. Otherwise, the adult who is picking the student up must come to the Attendance Office to sign the student out.
  • Students are to turn in assignments for classes that will be missed before leaving campus.  Whenever possible, any missed tests or quizzes should be rescheduled with the teacher before leaving campus.
  • Seniors with an 8th period Study Hall are allowed to apply for early check-out privileges through the Guidance Office as long as the senior has:   
    1. not missed any more than 10 days of school the previous semester or 20 days the previous year;
    2. maintained a minimum 2.5 GPA;
    3. had no out-of-school suspensions the previous or current year
    4. permission from a parent on file.


Missed Assignments Due to Absences:

  • Students are responsible for missed assignments while absent.  Any assignments and tests missed due to absences may be recorded as a zero if not completed in a timely manner as designated by the teacher.  As a general rule, students may have the number of days missed to complete and submit missed assignments due to absences. 
  • Work assigned prior to a student’s absence is due on the day of return.  
  • Tests assigned prior to a student’s absence are to be taken on the day of return.
  • It is important for Upper School students to communicate with teachers in person or by email if there is any question about missed work.  Lack of communication does not warrant extended time for missed assignments.


Missed Assignments Due to a Suspension:

  • Unless a suspension is related to cheating or plagiarism, a student may retake assignments and tests missed during their suspensions in a timely manner as scheduled with each teacher. 
  • Students may communicate via email with the teacher while absent; at the latest, students are to seek each of their teachers on the day of the return in regards to missed work. 
  • Lack of communication does not warrant extended time for missed assignments.
  • Any assignments and tests missed due to suspension may be recorded as a zero if not completed in a timely manner as designated by the teacher.


Family Trips or Other Special Activities:

  • Though we understand and appreciate the value of family vacations and mission trips, we strongly recommend that such trips which exceed two days not be taken during school.  If extenuating circumstances do not allow you to plan such trips when school is not in session, email your area principal to request approval as early as possible.  Preferred notice time is 60 days in advance. 
  • Brief family trips or other special activities (1-2 days), with prior written administrative approval, may be excused if the student has four or fewer absences at the time of the approval within that semester and if the student is making satisfactory academic progress in all classes.  Days absent for the family trip or special activity may not cause the total number of days absent for the semester to exceed ten and the year to exceed twenty.  (This includes early sign-outs or dismissals for weekend trips or non-school activities, driver’s license, etc.)
  • The student is responsible for collecting all make-up work and completing all missed assessments as organized with each teacher prior to absences.
  • Any days or classes missed for a family trip or special activity that causes a student to exceed twenty absences in a year will be recorded as unexcused and may jeopardize the student receiving credit for that course.    
  • Absences for family trips or special activities may not be excused during semester exams or during standardized testing unless they involve circumstances outside the family’s control. 

Revised 8.2016