Cell Phone and Social Media Policies

Students in grades 6-12 are asked not to have cell phones on during scheduled school hours unless directly instructed/permitted by TCA personnel.  Parents are asked not to communicate with their student(s) by cell phone/text during the hours of 8:00 – 3:15 (except in the case of serious emergency) and instead contact the school with needed messages during school hours at 731-668-8500. 


Teachers have the autonomy to set clear parameters regarding cell phone use in their classrooms and students are to honor these parameters.  Students who do not respect the cell phone policy and/or teacher parameters may be assigned a detention.  Continued disrespect of the cell phone policy or immoral/illegal use of cell phones may result in Saturday School, suspension, expulsion, or recommended withdrawal from school depending on the seriousness of the situation. 


Phones are located in the Attendance Office and the Main Office for student use during the school day for important needs.  It is preferred that students use the phone in the Attendance Office and Main Office during Advisory Period or their lunch time. These phones may also be used before and after school if needed.


Parents may call the Attendance Office to leave a message for students or to request that a student call home.   Parental support is needed to honor this policy and to help the school provide a focused and organized learning environment for all.




  • TCA Parents, students, and employees are to honor the school and its mission in all social media postings or choose not to make public postings regarding school matters. Negative or disrespectful social media comments regarding TCA and/or its students, families, and teachers is detrimental to the TCA community, poses a concern for the school, and may be addressed with parents, students, and employees.


  • Students and teachers are not to make personal postings of any kind on any form of social media during school hours. 


TCA’s Mission Statement


God has called Trinity Christian Academy to assist Christian families and their churches in providing a Biblically-directed, academically excellent education that equips students to be Godly leaders and servants in their homes, churches, and communities.