Guidelines for Student Behavior Off Campus

As a Christian school and because of our mission to Christian families, we are the Body of Christ at school. Therefore:


  • Inappropriate behavior among our members is our concern regardless of when or where the behavior occurs.
  • Our students represent the school whether they wish to or not.
  • Behavior guidelines, rules, and school consequences for the behavior of students when not at school are the concern of the school.


Parents, not the school, are responsible for the rearing of children. Therefore:


  • TCA’s mission is to partner with parents in the education of their children.  Parent partnership and support of school policy is necessary for this mission to be successful. 
  • What parents do with their children or permit their children to do in private is not normally a matter over which the school is concerned unless it is illegal or detrimental to the school community.
  • While most of a school’s authority derives from the parental delegation of authority to the school to act in loco parentis, the school also has legitimate intrinsic areas of authority in which it may set academic standards and behavioral standards as requirements for membership in the school community.


The school has a legitimate interest in protecting its reputation in the community. Therefore:


  • Public student behavior is of interest to the school.
  • Public behavior is any behavior that occurs at school, away from school, or in the home when more than the family is present.
  • The school’s interest in a student’s public behavior may conflict with the authority and responsibility of the parent, but while the school may not act to supersede the role and authority of the parent, it may nevertheless rightfully exercise criteria for membership within the school community.
  • The school has a legitimate right to enforce standards against any student behavior that is illegal.
  • The school has a legitimate right to enforce standards against any student behavior which is legal but which clearly violates moral or ethical standards accepted by the Christian community across broad denominational lines.


The school may enforce discipline on campus and at school events, on or off campus:


  • Discipline for off campus activity should enhance the smooth running of the school and support of its mission and policies.
  • Discipline for off campus activity may also be designed to assure parents and other students that our campus is safe and well managed.