Academic Fees and Potential Expenses

High School Fees:


The fee information below is provided in an effort to communicate costs beyond standard tuition.  Note that the a few fees are mandatory, but most are potential/optional. 


Mandatory fees are collected through FACTS or with the one time payment.  If monthly payments are made, the fees will be collected September through November.  When monthly payments begin after September, the total will be spread over the months remaining but must be paid in full with the November payment.  When monthly payments begin in November or after, the entire amount is due with the first tuition payment.  For families making a one-time payment, class fees will be due with the one-time tuition payment by May 29, 2015.



Mandatory Fees:   Billed through the Finance Office

Art I, Art II, and Art III - $25:               Required project supplies (i.e. canvas, plastic wrap, plastic tape, sketch books, cost of printing color images)


Latin I- $5:                                         Latin Grammar Quick Study  

                                                             Personal property of the student to be used regularly for class instruction & independent study


Spanish I - $5:                                   Spanish Grammar Quick Study   

                                                             Personal property of the student to be used regularly for class instruction & independent study


All 11th Graders/English - $26.00      A Pocket Style Manual, Sixth Edition, Diana Hacker (2014)

                                                             Personal property of the student to be used regularly for class instruction & independent study



Potential Expenses/Fees:


The fees listed below will be incurred only if your student is enrolled in the class or club and you opt for them to participate.  These fees will be collected at the appropriate time and will not be billed through the Finance Office.




  • English 9-12 - Depending on the availability of theatre productions applicable to our curriculum, students may have the opportunity to attend a play typically within a 200 mile radius.  This is an optional expense that is dependent upon ticket costs and location. 


  • Literary Club –$35 Membership Dues (Includes club t-shirt and books)


Foreign Languages:


  • Latin I and II  – Potential expense for National Latin Exam  - $5.00
  • Latin Club - $30 Membership Dues (Includes t-shirt and various expenses)
  • Spanish I - III – Potential fees for field trips
  • Spanish Club – $40 Membership Dues (Includes t-shirt and donation to sponsor a child in need)


Math – Students may need a graphing calculator (Ti 83 Plus or Ti 84) - Approx. $120




  • Anatomy and Physiology and BiologyField trips are scheduled to support curriculum (i.e. Union University Science Department and the Reelfoot Nature Center). Trips are optional, and every effort is made to keep costs low.  Anatomy and Physiology students may also opt to purchase a lab coat.


  • Chemistry II/Physics – Students may attend an overnight Chemistry II trip to Oak Ridge, TN; Physics students travel to Atlanta (overnight) and to various competitions at local universities when available. (Estimated cost for overnight Chemistry and Physics trips:  $180.00)


  • Forensics Science – Potential fees for field trip to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (Nashville)


  • Physical Science – Potential fees for field trip


  • Science Bowl Competition Club – Dues and potential fees for travel.


Fine Arts:


  • Art I, II, and III - Students are learning to develop their own style and body of work; personal student preference of materials may affect overall costs.


  • Choir/Band Students are responsible for costs depending on competitions and festivals that the student is involved (Cost not to exceed $450).  Choir/festival trips are optional. In addition, choir students will need the following concert attire – ladies: black formal dress; and men: black pants and a tuxedo shirt. Band student attire costs and instrument requirements will be communicated to students by the band instructor.


  • Theatre – Students may audition for parts in school productions; various costs associated with play participation vary and are well communicated to families in advance.



Miscellaneous Fees:

  • Boys/Girls State – There is a $350 fee for students selected to attend; TCA pays $100 and the student fee is $250.
  • Dual Enrollment Courses – Varies according to institution tuition.
  • Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Conference (HOBY) - $195 (Primary) and $350 (Alternate) student fee, if selected.
  • National Honor Society – There is a $20 fee for returning members and $30 for new inductees.  
  • Physical Education – P.E. uniform is required (See policy on website).
  • Myers-Briggs Personality/Strengths Testing & Analysis – Prep 101 Class  - $25 per student