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Upper School Handbook

Guidance Department


Trinity Christian Academy's Guidance Department exists to support the school's mission and all of its programs.  Programs are designed to assist individual students in personal academic and spiritual development.  A primary focus being the college selection process and all the endeavors that lead up to finding the "right college" or right place after leaving Trinity.  The guidance department seeks to aid students as they research, evaluate, and make informed decisions regarding college choices and course selection.  Through individual meetings with students and parents, counselors dispense information, guide, and assist in the selection process.  Much energy is given to help students develop their potential through testing, counseling and providing knowledge of opportunities and expectations for students at given levels. 

Counselors provide resources for volunteer opportunities and urge students to become involved in community projects as well as other extra-curricular activities.  Counselors help students to realistically assess their academic and personal achievements as they relate to course selection, as well as college selection.

Counselors write detailed letters of recommendation, complete college/university secondary school reports, send transcripts, and monitor the college search and application process.  A school profile sheet, updated annually, is made available upon request to send to colleges/universities.

Ministering to students and families is our first priority.  Students and their families are welcome in the Trinity Guidance Office!!!