Policy for Responsible Use of Technology


TCA provides technology resources and also allows students to bring other approved technology.  We seek to facilitate access to educational tools and resources, to encourage innovation and collaboration, and to partner with parents to help students learn to manage personal technology in a manner that is honorable.  Trinity expects students to exercise personal responsibility and respect in their use of resources and with technology as a whole.


Expectations & Rules

  • Responsible use of the school’s and/or a student’s personal technology resources is to support TCA’s Student Honor Code and mission.  

  • Students are to honor the school and its mission in all social media postings or choose not to make public postings regarding school matters. Negative or disrespectful social media comments regarding others is detrimental to the TCA community, poses a concern for the school, and may be addressed.

  • Students are not to make personal postings of any kind on any form of social media during school hours.

  • Violating any portion of this policy may result in disciplinary review and may require suspension, expulsion, and/or communication with law enforcement officials.

  • Trinity will cooperate fully with law enforcement requests and investigations.   


Online Behavior

  • As members of the Trinity community, students are representatives of TCA in all online communications on or off campus.

  • TCA students are not to disrespect Trinity or members of its community in any public, private, or anonymous forum (i.e. Twitter, Topix, Instagram, Snapchat, After School, etc.).

  • Students should never assume someone else’s identity in any way via technology.

  • If a student is uncertain whether a specific activity is permitted or appropriate, then they are to ask a teacher or an administrator before engaging in that activity.



  • Students should avoid sharing usernames or passwords with others.  

  • Respect the privacy of others; do not share or access others’ folders, files, or data without their prior authorization.

  • TCA has the right to inspect any data, email, logs, or files that exist on the network or on individual technology devices without the prior consent of system users.

  • Students should not share or post personally identifying information about any member of the TCA community without prior permission.

  • Students should not create, distribute, or post audio or video recordings of TCA employees or students without prior permission.

  • Students should not disparagingly alter, distribute, or post any disrespectful image, audio, or video.


Use of Technology Resources

  • Technology use at TCA, including cell phones, must be teacher or administrator authorized.

  • TCA email is designed for school-related activities.

  • Deliberately performing any act which negatively impacts the operation of a technology device, printer or network is unacceptable; a student’s family is liable for any resources required to rectify such situations.

  • Students should not store, transfer, or use software or settings for hacking, eavesdropping, network administration/monitoring, or network security circumvention.

  • Students should not install or boot to non-approved operating systems on any device.


Obscene or Inappropriate Materials

  • Students should not search for, solicit (ask for), download, or distribute (send) any material that is illegal, offensive, lewd, pornographic or inappropriate based on the school’s mission.

  • Students who mistakenly access inappropriate information at school should notify a teacher or staff person immediately so that it may be blocked.

  • Administrators and TCA’s Discipline Committee takes into consideration students who self-report and are forthcoming and honest regarding their responsibility in such matters.


Copyright & Plagiarism

  • Students are not to plagiarize from any source, including taking someone else’s writing, image, or idea and presenting it as your own without proper citation of the source.

  • Except for “educational fair use” as defined by a teacher, students are not to copy, save, or redistribute copyrighted material (files, music, software, etc.) Users should assume material is copyrighted unless it is stated clearly to the contrary.


Personally Owned Equipment & Devices

  • Students may connect their devices to Trinity’s wireless network.

  • Students are not to connect to other networks while on campus, including using cell phones as wired or wireless tethering devices or hotspots.

  • The school is not responsible for damage to or theft of personal electronic devices.

  • Students are responsible for device charging before arriving at school.

  • Trinity does not recommend using iPods or cell phones as devices.


Limitation of Liability

  • TCA takes precautions to restrict access to objectionable material online, but recognizes the limitations of fully controlling online access.

  • TCA reserves the right to block content with the potential of any negative impact.

  • TCA is not responsible for any lost data or interrupted service caused by malfunction, negligence, or omission.

  • TCA is not responsible for financial obligations arising from unauthorized use of the network or devices.

  • TCA cannot assume the responsibility for any inappropriate material that bypasses the school’s security/monitoring software/equipment.

  • Students are independently responsible for their actions and choices in relation to technology and social media.                                   


Updated 11.19.15