Senior Exam Exemption Policy

Exam exemption at TCA is privilege granted only to seniors meeting the following criteria:


1.Any single semester/half credit course with a 92.5 or above average, no more than five excused absences, and zero unexcused absences in that class


2.Any double semester/full credit course exams with 92.5 or above average, no more than eight excused absences for the year, and zero unexcused absences for the year in that class; the exemption average will be determined by the average of semester 1, quarter 3, and quarter 4.


3.Exceptions for extended illness may be considered as needed by the Principal, provided the requests are received in writing before May 1st (December 1st for a first semester course). In such cases, the Principal will reduce the total absences for the extended illness to five (5).




  • A senior with an unexcused absence in a class will be disqualified from exam exemptions from that particular class.
  • It is imperative to communicate absence requests/validation with the Attendance Office ( within five days. 


  • Any senior who receives an out-of-school suspension will not be granted an exam exemption for the semester during which the suspension was served.