Technology Resources

  • TCA has adopted Google Apps for Education as a technology resource platform and is partnering with a national EdTechTeam for Google-specific training to enhance our students' ability to access, create, collaborate, and share learning.
  • We have 4 classroom sets of Google Chromebooks for teachers to reserve for classroom/student use.  These Chromebooks are in addition to a variety of technology resources/devices already available to our Upper School students.
  • In order to prepare our students for the reality of a technologically integrated world, TCA allows Upper School students to bring theri personal devices to school through a BYOT program (BYOT = Bring Your Own Technology).  We prefer that students use a Windows or Mac-based laptop or Chromebook (We do not recommend using iPods or cell phones as devices).
  • Parents and students are to read and abide by the policy for responsible use of technology at TCA.  A copy of TCA's Policy for Responisble Use of Technology and an updated copy of the TCA Student Honor Code is available at in both the Middle and High School sections of the Upper School Handbook.
  • We want to make you as parents aware of some social media apps that students can easily access and use to make anonymous comments and posts.  These apps may seem harmless, but in reality have been used as tools to make hurtful comments or postings regarding classmates and others (i.e. After School, Gossip, SnapChat, etc.).  These apps can also make students' personal information publically vulnerable.  In the "cyber world", students often have no idea of who they are truly communicating with.  We will contine to communicate educational resources to your family that are provided and updated from a team of internet and cyber-crime experts from local, state, and national levels.