Trinity PAWS

What is P.A.W.S.?  Who can be a member?


  • P.A.W.S. is about building God-directed relationships with other parents by working together to make Trinity Christian Academy the best possible educational experience for all our students and families.
  • The goal of P.A.W.S. is to serve the TCA community wholeheartedly by creating unity and relationships among TCA parents and families through fellowships and fundraising efforts.
  • Our vision is to create a community-oriented environment of TCA parents and faculty.  This includes sharing ideas and pooling together creative efforts and resources to make a positive impact on the TCA community.


As a TCA Parent, Grandparent, or Guardian, YOU ARE A MEMBER.  Please join us as we prepare for a wonderful and rewarding experience.

More than 500 independent studies on parent involvement show that when parents get involved in their children's education, grades go up, test scores improve, children are more likely to attend better schools after high school, they have fewer discipline problems, and they are less likely to use drugs and alcohol.


  • Get Connected.  There is no better way to know what is happening in your school.
  • Tap into a Network.  Parenting is not easy.  It helps to share ideas, concerns, and experiences with other parents and educators in the community.
  • Witness Improvement.  By getting involved at your child's school, you will be a part of making your school even better.
  • Be a Role Model.  You will be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on his or her education.

             Get Involved TODAY!  Help your child succeed!


What We Do.

We raise funds through . . .

  • Butter Braid Sales
  • Christmas Bake Shop
  • Consignment Sale
  • Kroger Cards

We Support . . .

  • Pastor Appreciation
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Senior Mom's Luncheon

Together Everyone Achieves More . . . 


Our Efforts Have Results.

  • $100 to each full time teacher to help with classroom supplies
  • Busy Bees and Room Parents help teachers in the classroom
  • Smart boards in high school
  • Projection screen in elementary building
  • A school bus
  • School uniform assistance
  • Scholarship assistance
  • New mulch at the elementary playground
  • Equipment for photography class
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Video Camera
  • Prayer support

Please join us a meeting on the first Friday of each month.  Watch out TCA PAWS Facebook page for time and place.

P.A.W.S. Leadership Team

 President: Kathleen George

 Vice President: Betsy Allison 431-6245

 Past President: Alison Weaver 256-1734

 Secretary: Melissa James 668-7374

 Treasurer: Laurie Durham 693-6010

 Hospitality: Jamie Taylor 431-0620

 Parental Involvement Director: Betsy Allison 431-6245

 Parents In Touch Coordinator: Christy Cloud 414-2741

 Fundraising Director: Leigh Anne Huisingh 431-0564  Lauren Love 234-2902

 Room Mom Coordinator: Ashley Farmer 610-5771

 Busy Bees Coordinator: Open