Every gift to Trinity makes a major difference-whether the gift is large or small, it signifies your confidence in us as a school worthy of your support. Your confidence is well placed. Your gifts are much appreciated.


Throughout the course of each year, Trinity receives donations and we want all of our donors to know that your gifts directly advance and expand the missions of Trinity.  Our tuition covers all of our expenses that provide for the excellent academics, fine arts programs and athletic activities with like to refer to as “the experience”.  However, your donations are what drive the expansion of our mission and bring about opportunities that otherwise would not exist.


Your giving makes a difference to the students and faculty at Trinity today and at Trinity in the future. Your giving can also make a difference for you in tax benefits.  Giving to Trinity is one way to insure that your gift will always come back to you.


To find out more about giving to Trinity, please email our finance office at


Your tax-deductible contributions directly expand Trinity’s mission regarding:

  • Academic Programs
  • Fine Arts
  • Faculty Development
  • Athletics
  • Scholarships & Financial Aid
  • Community Service